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Valentines Date Ideas for Everyone 😍🌹

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I associate Valentines Day with those Fun Dip packets and tiny cards you'd hand out to everyone in elementary school. It's safe to say Valentines Day is either super romantic or its February 14th. With that being said I still think its fun to celebrate and the colors/decorations/theme are so cute!

I came up with some Valentines day date ideas--regardless of your relationship status--that are perfect for everyone.

With your sweetheart---I'm a huge fan of getting dinner out/going to a restaurant for a date. I think this is the perfect romantic Valentines date but not too much. You can both get dressed up, pick a restaurant either you love or have never been to and always wanted to try. I went to hibachi with Matt on our first Valentines together and someone at our table literally got PROPOSED to....I hope they're doing well :)

With your friends---I envision a slumber party, take out food, face masks, wine and every 90s romcom that was ever made. You could invite all your friends over and decorate, serve cute appetizers, make themed drinks and maybe even have everyone dress up as something? Last year my friends and I did Galentines the weekend of and made rum buckets with Malibu, strawberry Mikes Hard and strawberry lemonade. I think we also watched "Mama Mia" or one of the "To The Boys" movies, I can't remember LOL.

By yourself---We can go two ways with this one:

1) Take a you day

Take the day to do all of your favorite things. Nails, hair, spa, shopping, whatever it is that makes you feel amazing, do that. Then end it out by catching a movie by yourself. One of my friends just took herself on a movie date and we decided thats the best first date to have with yourself.

2) Dress to impress yourself

Put on a cute outfit, make a dinner reservation for one and you better take some fire pictures while you're at it.

Check out my long distance tips post for a few virtual date ideas!

xx Madison

P.S. Should I do a Valentines cocktails post for Sunday? lmk in the comments!

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