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Elegant & Refreshing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Quick, send this to the mother of the bride!

Having someone else plan my bridal shower is beautiful and I couldn't be MORE GRATEFUL.

But I have such good theme ideas saved up!

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Love in Full Bloom

Sign me up for a garden party theme, what can I say.

This is the perfect Spring-time shower theme. Decorating with fresh flowers, a tea & coffee station with tea cups or floral mugs, serve hibiscus mimosas and of course a grazing table or charcuterie board with some edible flowers.

Game/Activity Ideas:

  • Ask everyone to bring one flower to fill an empty vase - you'll have a beautiful, full bouquet by the end!

  • ^Or have a build your own bouquet bar and let guests pull flowers to put into their own vase

  • Pictionary with Emojis

    • guess the phrase from a row of emojis

  • Corn Hole tournament (very old money am I right?)

Pearls & Prosecco

Essentially a bubbly brunch but elevated.

Think of breakfast at Tiffany's, Blair Waldorf, old-money vibes. Envisioning a build your own mimosa bar with different juices (grapefruit, pineapple, orange, cranberry, etc), French toast and finger sandwiches.

Game/Activity Ideas:

  • How Many Pearls are In The Jar?

    • guess the number of pearls or white beads in a jar

  • He Popped the Question!

    • like hot potato but with a shaken Prosecco bottle -- when the music stops the person holding the bottle has to pop it!

  • Prosecco Pong

Spritz'n Pretty

Aperol Spritz lovers, this ones for you.

My drink of choice :)

It gives off the energy of bright, fun and happy, which is the perfect vibe for a bridal shower.

I also love the color combo of a bright blue and orange, I would totally lean into that with decorations. I'd be going with that European summer aesthetic, like Mama Mia meets coastal granddaughter.

Game/Activity Ideas:

  • A classic: How well do you know the bride?

    • What's her favorite color? Favorite food? Where did her and Fiancé meet?

  • Name That Love Song

    • Name that tune with only love songs

  • Ask everyone to bring a recipe card of their favorite appetizer/cocktail/dinner/dessert

  • Word-Scramble

    • could do this with words that mean something to the bride/things she likes or wedding related words

If there's one thing I love, it's a celebration with friends and family!

xx cheers

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