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Long Distance Relationship Tips and Date Ideas ❤️☎️

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I've been scrolling through Instagram and TikTok and seen couples posting such cute things together and it makes me miss my boyfriend, Matt, so much.

We've been together for almost 3 years now and doing long distance during all of it--besides when we were at school together--since we live in different states. The first summer back from school was the hardest since it was new to both of us. But as we grew both individually and together it got easier (still miss him all the time tho).

A Few Tips

Call them---The most important part to any relationship, whether it be romantic or not, is communication. Being 5 hours away from each other, communication primarily happens over texting or calling. Texting is great, but theres just something so nice about hearing your partners voice. We usually call each other everyday and always to say goodnight!

Plan a trip---Every year my boyfriend and I plan a vacation together. This year we went to Disney! It was honestly the best vacation I've ever had and it was so nice to spend a week together all to ourselves. We've done a skiing trip, a few weekend getaways--it's just nice to travel and have dedicated time to relax alone with each other.

Every-other---We've done this unintentional thing where if I go up to visit him one weekend, the next time we meet up, he'll come down to me. It's not like this every single time, but we usually do stick to this dynamic. This just makes the travel equal between the both of us and also gives us the opportunity to connect to each others families and home-town lives :)

Some Long Distance Date Ideas & Ways to Stay Connected

Watch a show together---We used to literally be on FaceTime and start a show at the exact same time and thats how we watched together. But now you can directly watch a show together on FaceTime! If you both have an iPhone or use apple here's how you do it. You can also use Teleparty (which used to be Netflix Party).

Write letters/send packages---My love language is definitely gift giving. I'll randomly write letters or put together small packages to send just to say "hey, I love you and I'm thinking about you!" I'll usually make cookies or bake something and throw in a little card :)

FaceTime/Video call---It's nice to be able to actually see your partner while you catch up about your day. Set a time aside to FaceTime and give your direct attention to them. You could eat dinner together, play a video game together, paint? It's almost like they're there with you!

Those are just a few things I wanted to share about what we like to do in our own long distance relationship! Matt's coming to visit this weekend and we're totally binging Ozark season 4 :)

xx Madison

P.S. Have you started the new season of Ozark?

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