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Unique Bachelorette Themes for The “Cool-Girl” Bride

Raise your hand if your Mom/Aunt/Grandma said "back when I got married we didn't...." insert honestly anything that we do for weddings now.

As a 2024 bride myself, the biggest comparison I get is always the Bachelorette.

It's gone from a night out at the bars to a girls trip across the country.

From the bride in white and her girls in black to themed outfits each night that correlates to an over arching theme for the entire trip.

And I'm HERE for it.

Picking a theme was the hardest part for me. I feel like disco cowgirl dominated the entire 2023 bachelorette universe (because it's so cute) but I knew I wanted to switch it up.

I'm having my bachelorette next weekend and can't WAIT to celebrate with all my girls.

Keeping my theme a surprise for's a few I loved but didn't go with:

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Toast to Forever

I've seen "Toast to the Coast" circulating Pinterest and loved it, however, unless you're doing your Bach on the coast, it doesn't really work.

This is pretty versitile and can be interpreted in any way you want.

Something Blue

I think it would be really cute to incorporate a blue gift to bridesmaids that they could wear on your wedding day as your 'something blue.'

Bikinis & Martinis

If you're going somewhere beachy or tropical, this is the theme for you!

Loving the colors olive green and bright pink together, this would be so cute as a color scheme to dress in one night.

Now I'm debating changing my theme....jk

xx cheers!



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