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Skincare Products You Need for Summer

One thing about me is I'm going to take care of my skin and have a set routine with the change of seasons.

We've come SO far in our development of skincare products. I remember when I was in middle school I would take off my makeup with a wet washcloth, rinse my face with Proactive (🥲) and wonder why my skin was dry, red and broke out so badly.

My skincare obsession properly started when I got to college and since then I've been actively working towards having the bright, clear and hydrated skin of my dreams -- and I dare say we got there in 2023.

My skin type: sensitive, dry

Things I focus on: brightening, pore-shrinking, hydrating


With 30 SPF, this is a great everyday face sunblock to use under makeup while also adding another layer of hydration.

Gives you some color and glow when you’re running errands, having a beach day or just don’t feel like putting makeup on.


I switch between this and their cream-to-foam cleanser in the colder months to get some extra hydration.


I’ve been using this product for a year now and definetly see a difference in my skin. It went from looking dull and tired to lively and awake!

Only used this product a few times but can tell it’s gonna be a summer staple. With the no-makeup, makeup look, popping back out for warmer weather I think this is great to use as a “base.”

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