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Editing Apps I Can’t Live Without 📷✂️

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I love Instagram and I’m not ashamed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a clean feed and high quality pictures to post! When it comes to posting however, there are a few apps that I find to be extra helpful in making my IG into a well put together social media page. So if you want to know my go-to apps for editing pictures or making stories, keep on scrolling😌

StoryChic--All I can say about this app is I wish I got it sooner. I found it through Madi Westbrooke, she’s a YouTuber who always has such cute Instagram stories so I asked her what app she uses and the rest is history. It comes with a wide variety of story templates, some animated and some with background music, that just makes it look like you put a lot of effort into your post. You can choose the VIP option and unlock all templates for $24.99 a year or stick with the free version.

Coulourtone--I talked about this gem in my last post on revamping your Instagram but how could I not talk about it again? Seriously, if you only get one app out of these other four, get this one. It comes with the biggest selection of filters I’ve ever seen and gives you the option to buy a pack for $3.99 or stick with the free ones. I’m telling you, this will make your Instagram page look cohesive and put together in no time.

BeautyPlus--Getting real with you, sometimes I’m shiny in pictures and it ruins my day 🤩 BeautyPlus is an editing app that lets you better enhance your features in pics (FaceTune2 is also a great option). A few of my favorite ways to use this app are the mattifying effect and the teeth whitener. It’s not like I’m out here changing the shape of my body, just want to make sure my t-zone isn’t a Five Guys burger--GREASY (now I want fries). This app is free and overall can help with the appearance of your pictures if that’s something you’re into 💅🏼

Canva--Calling all communications and media majors📢. Download this app immediately if you’re considering a job in either of those categories because Canva comes with thousands of pre-made flyers and instagram graphics that look like you spent hours designing. I used this one for one of my internships over the summer and it’s safe to say it was a crowd pleaser. This app gives you the option to make your own flyer or choose from a template and add any extra graphics or texts (there’s also a Tiktok about it but I can’t find it🙃).

StoryArt--Coming full-circle with another instagram story app. Unlike StoryChic, I don’t think you really need to buy anything to get the best use out of this one. It basically does the same thing as the first app I talked about but also has cool animated filters you can layer overtop of pictures. My favorite filters to use are the VCR Effect or the Glitch Effect, it just adds a little bit of spice to your post.

That’s all I have for you on editing today, comment below your go-to apps for posting on Instagram, I’m always looking for new ones 😉 and make sure to follow me at madsandmore for even more 👩🏼‍💻

📲 Apps Mentioned:

P.S. I’m planning on posting a holiday gift guide for some stellar small businesses this week so stick around for that 💫🎁

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2020

Love this...extremely helpful! Ever try Photo Collage? Fun ĀP to share pictures on Insta. Can’t wait to try some of your recommendations!!

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