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You’ve Been Boozed! 👻🍾

Its officially Halloweek! If you’re looking for an adult way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year, I have the perfect idea. AND there’s still plenty of time to put it together throughout the end of the week.

If theres one thing I know how to do it’s celebrate holidays. This is a fun little tradition my family has done in the past and something I’m definitely carrying on. If you don’t know what it means to “BOOze!” someone….let me enlighten you.


1. First, put together a small basket with your choice of alcohol and any other goodies.

2. Then, print out the cards I’ve included in this post and attach it to your basket.

3. Next, you leave it at your neighbor/friends/family members door and give them a copy of your sign to go spread the Halloween spirits and pass along their own BOOze basket!

You keep this card for yourself (some people put it on their door so other people know you’ve already been boozed—depends how committed you are🤓) when you get your basket.

You pass along this card and the one above to the next person!

My BOOze Basket

In my basket I included a bottle of Prosecco, Malibu (bc BOO lol) and cranberry & orange juice to make a mimosa or a rum sunrise.

You can also watch me put it all together on TikTok here!

I hope you spread some Halloween cheer this weekend, happy haunting!

xx Madison

P.S.: what’s your favorite Halloween candy?

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