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How to Have the Best Year Ever: 2023 Vision Board

Anyone else feel like Starbucks just released their pumpkin cream cold brew and now its suddenly 2023? Because same.

Not to toot my own horn but 2022 was an iconic year for me--dare I say the best year I've ever had. Looking back on it, this was the first year I decided to ditch the New Years resolution and make a vision board instead.

I really believe the whole putting your intentions out into the universe and manifesting what you want ish. So whether you believe that or you just want a fun arts and crafts, some-what therapeutic, ooo pretty moment, let me show you how to have the best year ever in 2023 and make a vision board!

Where to Start

First order of business is to gather your thoughts on how you want to approach the New Year. Treat this like you're making a resolution.

Ask yourself some questions like...

- What do I want out of 2023?

- What do I want to achieve this year?

- How do I see myself in 2023? (mood, vibe, color...etc.)

- Is there something I've been working towards?


Now you have your list, let's get some pictures to match. I've always been a visual learner and feel like its easier to understand something if it's right in front of me. Plus it can be pretty :)

This is the step where you actually put your board together! I use Pinterest and Canva to make mine but you could also print pictures out and glue them to a poster board (that would be a fun friends-night-in thing).

Manifest It

Finally your board is complete! You'll want to put it somewhere you can see it everyday so its always on your mind and present in your every-day actions.

You could...

- Print it & hang it up

- Set it as your computer/phone background

- Keep it somewhere for just yourself

My 2023 Vision Board

Here's how I visualize my 2023:

This year I'm going to vlog on TikTok and focus on my Blog more.

I'll also make a positive impact on my company and flourish in my career.

I'm stepping into my self-confidence this year and want to keep growing from where I came in 2022.

Random, but, this year my hair is gonna be amazing and I'll have a curly hair routine down!

I'll have a workout routine in the morning before work and on the weekends.

I'm living 2023 out of my head and not caring what people think.

The wedding planning will come together this year and we're gonna have the best party there ever was.

I'll learn so many new recipes and strengthen my cooking skills!

Traveling is at an all time high in 2023.

I'll make some amazing new friends this year in New York.

I'm eating all the veggies and being conscious of how I fuel my body!

QOTM: January 2023

This leads us into this months quote to live by, and what I'm revolving my 2023 around, "a new era of me."

Essentially an elevated "New Year New Me" and I'm okay with it.

I hope this year brings you health, happiness and everything on your vision board!

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