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Day-Of Wedding Gifts for Her

Updated: 2 days ago

Cross off anything that’s heart shaped jewelry on your list and let’s start over.

If it's something you're interested in, traditionally the couple getting married will get each other a gift to open on their wedding day. Though I have no idea what to get Matt's a list of things he can get me :)


I'm a huge scent person and love switching up my everyday perfumes. My favorite fragrances right now are Maison Margiela: REPLICA 'Jazz Club' and Being Frensche body, hair and linen mist in 'Cashmere Vanilla.'

I will always recommend Replica as a nicer quality perfume brand that won't break the bank. They're especially good if you're not an experienced perfume buyer or don't really understand what all the fancy notes and undertones mean.

Plus, their entire brand is about being sentimental, or scent-imental, if you will.

Take them for a sniff-run in Sephora!

Jewelry to wear down the aisle

Don't make it heart shaped.

But jewelry that matches your partners vibe (if they wear jewelry: gold or silver? dainty or blocky?) and their wedding day outfit! I would recommend just going to a jewelry store or wherever you bought your rings from to personally pick out a bracelet, necklace or earrings (no rings...obvi). But if you want to shop online, I hear good things about Ring Concierge!

Their favorite thing

Ranging from a Chick-Fil-A Frozen Coffee to an extra large Volcano Capri Blue Candle (I would cry happy tears to receive either), simply get them their favorite thing accompanied by a hand written note with some loving, encouraging and uplifting words.

Something borrowed, blue, old and new

With my love language being gift giving, a basket of goodies as a present is my superpower. This could honestly be a cute thing to agree to get each other as a couple (brb telling Matt rn)!

Self explanatory, but put together a gift basket with something that's borrowed, something that's blue, something that's old and something that's new.

The tradition of incorporating these items on your wedding day is to bring good fortune and a happy marriage -- sounds good to me!

A handwritten note should accompany each of these....and congratulations!

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