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Formula1 Miami Look Book: What to Wear to an F1 Race

My Fiancé, Matt, and I are HUGE Formula1 fans (forza Ferrari!) and we were fortunate enough to go to the Miami Grand Prix this year!

Catch all the vlogs on my Youtube channel and get ready with me on TikTok :)

We had the BEST time and it was hands down the most organized and well run event I’ve ever been to. We had grand stand passes and I was shocked at the amount of access we got to the area around the paddock, race way and dolphins stadium.

I literally planned all of my outfits months in advance for this because I was so excited LOL

If you're going to Formula1 or are a fan of the sport in general, I think these outfits are cute for the track and to rock at your race day watch party!

Day 1: Practice

PacSun has a ton of generic Formula1 merch! I got this cropped tee and a reusable bag—that’s unfortunately too big for the track rules—from there.

Day 2: Qualifying

Proudly a Tifosi and repping my red—even though they drove with a special blue livery for the first time since 1960s—and limited edition blue hat for the Miami Grand Prix!

They did have them available on the online Ferrari store but I think they’re sold out and may be restocking.

Bottoms: linked here

Day 3: Race Day

Guess who my favorite driver is? I was most excited to wear this outfit and almost didn’t make it to Sunday LOL

I got this iconic shirt from Athentiq. I found them on instagram and they have so many different styles of F1 merch—new fav place!

Tbh becoming a Formula1 fan wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card but I’m loving it 🏎️🏁

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