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Quote of The Month: October 🎃

It’s officially spooky season and time to reign in our new quote of the month! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, it reflects change and the end of a new beginning. Sometimes change can be scary but I've always been someone who loves to switch up a routine and experience something new. I'm not sure where everyone else is in their lives right now, but I'm definitely going through stages of growth. Although the post-grad life is an adjustment, it's one I'm learning to love.

For each QOTM post I'll also be setting my personal goals for the month!

My October Goals:

#1. Try something new.

#2. Make a cheesecake.

#3. Finish a book (currently reading The Witch Haven!).

#4. Practice self-kindness everyday.

#5. Start a Fall workout routine.

October quote: "Start Somewhere."

Something I've learned recently is you will never achieve it if you never start. One of my worst habits is overthinking and talking myself out of things. But as part of the growing processes I'm going through, I'm trying my best to channel a go-for-it attitude. Like making a blog for example! I've thought about doing this for a while but always held myself back for no reason other than being afraid to start. With that being said, I challenge you this month to resonate with our quote and start somewhere.

Comment Q: Whats a goal you're setting for yourself this month?

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1 Comment

Anita Diane (Diane) Hilton
Anita Diane (Diane) Hilton
Oct 01, 2021

Thanks for the inspiration Madsandmore I’m going to get back on my bike and into a regular workout routine starting 10/2!!

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