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March Essentials + QOTM

I did so much shopping February-March, something was in the air. These are a few products I fell in love with this month!

Everything is linked on my LTK and Amazon Store Front under "Amazon Essentials."

Except for Buff City Soap...

They've been a favorite for the past few months. They make all their own soaps, bath bombs, shower and laundry products.

Products I've been loving from them:

April QOTM -- Spring to me means starting fresh and blossoming into the best version of yourself.

This month, I'm focusing on things that make me feel like I'm functioning at my fullest potential. My Simple Modern cup definitely encourages me to drink my water--it's 40 oz!!

I've also been feeling less motivated but I'm gonna blame that on the cold weather. I think it's helpful for everyone to remeber why they started something--like your job, a project around the house or school--in moments of doubt.

Let's have a great start to the official beginning (let's be real, March is still cold) of Spring!

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Jan 08

Oh I love this! Spring also means starting fresh and becoming the best version of myself. So, I called a booked a <a href="">carpet cleaning in Towson, MD</a> to make sure my house was nice and clean for the spring. Thanks for sharing! I love my Stanley 40 oz cup, but I've been looking to add another to my arsenal, maybe a simple modern or hydrojug haha

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