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Quote of The Month: November 🦃

This is a Thanksgiving appreciation post. It's November and to some people its the start of Christmas, but for me, I like to give fall some more time to shine. I feel like October went by in a flash and I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I have so many things going on this month its truly a time to sit back and be thankful for my blessings and the life I was given. I'm starting a new job this week, going to Disney next week (stay tuned for the posts and the TikToks) and I'm working on my November posting schedule for the blog. All exciting and all things I can't wait to do!

My November Goals:

#1. Post more on the blog.

#2. Get back into journaling.

#3. Start reading on the daily.

#4. Make an apple pie. #5. Practice a positive mindset.

November quote:

Since graduating, I've been very focused on what success means and how I can be successful or reach my full potential. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I'm starting a new job this month and feel like this is my first step of many into the "adult" world. For the first time in a while everything seems to be falling into place for me and all my hard work over the summer is finally paying off. With that being said, I chose this as our quote of the month to highlight what it means to be successful. I used to equate having a job and earning a good amount of money with success, but I understand now that it's more than that. November is a time to reflect on yourself and think about all you have been grateful to receive. This month, let's question: do I like myself? Do I like what I do? Do I like how I'm doing it? and make the changes necessary to answer each question with heck yeah!

xx Madison

P.S. Whats a goal you're setting for yourself this month?

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