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New Years Resolution Check-In + February QOTM 💘

How is January already over? Absolutely crazy how fast the holiday season came and went—already gearing up for spring! They literally started selling Easter candy in CVS; Mom come pick me up I’m scared.

Since it’s our first month of completing (or at least getting into the rhythm of) our New Years resolutions, I thought we could do a check-in. So welcome to your judgment free, supportive only, New Years resolution check point!

Ask yourself honestly: How are your new goals going?

Are you satisfied with the start of the year?

If you don’t know already, I decided to make a 2022 vision board (read that post here!) this year instead of setting one solid New Years resolution. As far as my board, this month I’ve developed a set skin-care routine and I finished my first book, Where The Grass is Green and The Girls Are Pretty! Those might seem like small things but to me they feel like huge accomplishments.

I think when it comes to making a New Years resolution, obtainable goals are the best ones to set for yourself. That's not me saying limit your expectations or don't dream too big, it's just me saying that starting somewhere reachable can be beneficial.

For example, I have moving out as a goal on my vision board. That's something I know I can achieve over time and something I'm always working towards. Reading a book every month, however, is a goal I can complete right now and that feeling of accomplishment makes me hungry for the even bigger things to check off my list!

I always hear people saying they can't wait to start their life or when their life starts they want to do this or change that. Hot take: your life is started. Like, your life is right now. What are we waiting for? Yes, the future is bright and there are so many beautiful things in store for you there--but what about here? We can only ever reach those beautiful things if we start now, in the present, to achieve them.

This leads me into our February Quote of The Month...

All of your hopes for the future start right now :)

xx Madison

P.S. What's your favorite book?

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paul schramm
paul schramm

The vision board is a great idea, I'm going to start using!

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