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My Summer Bucket List + June QOTM

IM BACK! I've been so busy with work lately and got really sick the first week of June so didn't find the time to post on here but I've missed it so much. I had an entire posting schedule laid out for June so maybe I'll just carry over into July or I can grind out a few posts--we'll see which comes first 😅

One thing about me is I love making lists. Doesn't matter what they're for; if I can make one its gonna happen.

I've started to realize that life really does go by so fast. I feel like it was just Christmas two weeks ago and now we're in the thick of before its fall lets get the most out of our summer 2022 and make a bucket list!

My Summer 2022 Bucket List

Download my templet and make your own :)

Post your own bucket list and tag me on IG @madisonschramm! I'd love to see what you've got in store for Summer '22 :)

June Quote of The Month: "What do you wake up for?" - Unknown

Been really here for Jenna Plaek's TikToks recently and she's all about not waiting for the weekend on her podcast "Fun on Weekdays."

I'm a firm believer in making the most out of every moment. You won't catch me only having fun on the weekend.

A year post grad and I'm fairly new to working full-time, but I go to my job excited to make a day out of it.

You can be up to your ears in alligators busy but if you have a passion/hobby/something you absolutely love to do, there are enough hours in the day to do it!

Takeaway from this quote: remember what it is that fills your cup and wake up for that.

xx Madison

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