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March QOTM + Growth 🦋

Hello and happy March! I can't believe we're in the swing of Spring beginning. You'll probably hear me say this so much BUT Spring is my favorite season. It really represents change and new beginnings and it finally starts to get nicer outside.

This month I decided to focus our quote around growth and being patient with the time it takes to come full circle. Since graduating, I've struggled a lot to find my spot in the world and feel settled--If I'm being honest I'm still finding my footing.

But growth looks different for everyone in the sense that no one lives the same two lives. Its so hard to not compare and contrast when it comes to that, but I've gotten a lot better at it.

Our March Quote of The Month...

You can never rush the process of your life. Everything you're experiencing right now, the good or the bad, it might absolutely suck, but its apart of your journey and will take you to the most beautiful destination.

xx Madison

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