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2022 Vision Board Check-In

If you don't know, I posted at the beginning of the year my vision board of things I wanted to achieve in 2022. I just wanted to post a quick update/check-in on how its been going for me.

What I have achieved:

- Keeping my blog updated

- Starting my micro-influencer career

- Staying connect with my long-distance friends

- Taking as many pictures as I can for memories

- Getting my self-care routine down

- Continuing to grow my relationship stronger

- Growing tomatoes!!!!

- Cooking more

- Being kind to myself/practicing more self-love

What I'm still working towards:

- Moving in with my boyfriend

- Reading a book every month (but I really do try!!)

- My corporate career

- Making a cheesecake

- My G-Wagon <3

This was actually so therapeutic to write out LOL. It's encouraging to see how many of my goals I've already accomplished or things I've put into place in my life since January.

Along with my vision board, I also chose a word I wanted to focus on for the year.

My word was flourish.

I chose this word because I envisioned myself growing into the best version of me I could be this year. I thought 2022 would be when I found my rhythm and really got in-tune with where I want to take my life, what I want to get out of it and where I'm meant to be--and I still think that.

Here's to the rest to come in 2022! 🥂

xx Madison

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at MadisonSchramm and TikTok at MadisonVSchramm for even more!

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1 Comment

Diane Hilton
Jan 04, 2023

Love your Vision Board..thanks for the inspiration!

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