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Keeping Focused + July QOTM

Happy 4th weekend! I can’t believe we’re already in July…summer is really flying by.

At the start of every month I like to make a list of things I want to achieve/what I want to get out of this month.

Not to get too personal but to get personal:

I’m someone who is always in their head about pretty much anything. It can get really debilitating at times and I’m quite honestly tired of going through that.

I really want to focus myself this month and live in the now. I catch myself analyzing past situations or worrying about the future too much and just want to keep my mind present.

July Goals:

- Read a book

- Start journaling again

- Focus myself on the present

July QOTM: “It’s already yours.” - The Universe

Going along with staying focused, I think it’s important to ask yourself what you’re seeking out in life.

What is your bigger why and how can you get there?

I’ve gotten really into manifestation which is essentially “bringing something tangible into your life through attraction” (TotallyTheBomb) and believing that what you want will come to you.

If you believe that you’ll get something it’s already yours because you’re allowing yourself to obtain it.

Kind of like when you say “I’ll never get ____“ and then someone’s like “Not with that attitude!”—same thing LOL

xx Madison

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