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How to Pose in Pictures: Channeling your Inner “Model Off Duty”

If you follow my Instagram @madisonschramm or my TikTok @madisonvschramm you know I love taking pictures.

I see a lot of people on my TikTok fyp showing how they take their pictures and everyone commenting “how do I pose?” SO let me answer your question on how to pose in pictures.

Getting Comfortable and Confident

We’re channeling our inner model off duty!

It takes time getting completely comfortable in front of a camera. I think the best way to break the ice with that is pretend you’re in your room in front of a mirror.

When I used to sing on stage this is how I’d get rid of any nerves. From there you slip into “I got this” mode and you’re set!

Confidence also reflects in pictures. In the nicest way possible: if you don’t got this, you're gonna tell.

Fake it till you make it baby.

Tripod Stage-Fright

For the content creators out there: There’s something about taking pictures with a tripod in public that’s the scariest thing ever.

If the “in your room” thing doesn’t help you get over your tripod “stage fright,” genuinely no one cares that you’re taking pictures.

I promise no one is looking or saying anything. People usually just pass by and don’t even acknowledge that I’m there <3

And if it makes you feel better, if I saw someone taking pictures with a tripod I’d think “they look amazing, I love it!”

So if you just keep the mindset of no one’s even watching and if they are it’s because I’m crushing it, you’ll be fine :)

Ready for Your Close-Up

Remembering to have movement in your posing is key. You don’t want to look stiff or uncomfortable!

An easy way to do this is play with your hair, touch your sunglasses, walk by/toward the camera—some kind of action.

Here’s a few poses with movement to try out:

Throw your hands up—but not stiff!

Play with your hair.

Walk by the camera.

Using props is also an easy way to add another element to your pictures and help with posing.

My go-to props are: purse, sunglasses or a drink.

Purse—reach for the strap on your shoulder.

Sunglasses—reach for them!

Drink (my diet dr. kelp)—drink it…

Purse, sunglasses & drink—triple threat.

Hope I could give you some pic inspo :)

If you want more tips on posing, camera app recommendations or anything at all, leave a comment—I’ve got a lot more advice!

xx Madison

P.S. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @madisonschramm and TikTok at @madisonvschramm for even more!

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