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How to Manifest Your Best Life🤍🧿

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Let me start off by saying that I'm new to the whole manifesting, crystal thing--but I honestly see a difference in my life after practicing. I'm someone who overthinks everything and gets anxious in overwhelming situations. I've found that writing out my intentions and affirmations in the morning has allowed me to start my day with a clear mind.

Last month I bought the Doing Well Daily x Danielle Carolan journal and it's been a key part to my morning routine and the reason why I started looking into manifestation. Here's what I've learned so far:

Angel Numbers

These are a series of numbers that repeat themselves and symbolize different meanings. If you keep catching 11:11 on the clock or can't escape the numbers 333, congrats! You have angel numbers! For a more in-depth explanation check out this amazing article on Well + Good.

List of Angel Numbers & Their Meanings

My Favorite Affirmations

"I speak with strong confidence."

"I am a positive person who attracts positive situations."

"I am prepared to work even harder to be successful."

"I will never give up on my goals and dreams."

"I am full of potential."

"I am worthy of great things."

"I chose to be happy and love myself today."

How I Manifest

Manifesting doesn't have to be a big ritual unless you want it to be. Like I said, I started off by just writing out some affirmations for the day and went with it from there. I have one journal dedicated to manifesting and write out whatever it is I want to receive or experience in my life.

My biggest one right now is: "I will live a successful and fulfilled life." I write about 5 of these types of sentences and then I write a paragraph describing the perfect day in my future life but in present tense--does that make sense? Like my dream car is a G-Wagon so I'd write: "I walk out of my own apartment and get into my matte black G-Wagon to drive to Dunkin."

Basically, manifesting is all about writing your own successes and getting into a positive mindset! I want to have a G-Wagon--no babes, you will have a G-Wagon!

I hope this gave you some direction and inspiration on how to start living your best life! Just like our September quote of the month, it's all about having a positive mindset and welcoming good energy.

Comment your Angel Numbers and make sure to follow me on Instagram at Madisnsch and TikTok at maddsvhs for even more!

<3 Madison

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Anita Diane (Diane) Hilton
Anita Diane (Diane) Hilton
25 de set. de 2021

Wow! I get it..Manifesting positive outcomes in your life! Angel numbers-mind blowing!!! In the last 6 months I kept noticing 111. It was everywhere…. on my alarm clock-yes, I still have one 😬, on our microwave clock, our TV , my phone, watch-everywhere… it was bizzare! Now here I am in a new position-promotion at work and in an elite women’s organization I applied for with 7,000 other applicants across the globe 🌍 and I was one of 2,000 they accepted. Hmmmm..there might be something to those Angel numbers! Thanks for the education and inspiration-awesome post! 🙌💪🙌❤️

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