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Good Habits 🌞 📖

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I'll admit I have some bad habits, like, staying up too late on TikTok or drinking too much coffee, but there are some things that can actually be good to get in the rhythm of. What are some things you want to change in your life or areas that you think could be better? Recognizing those needs is the first step into creating your good habits.

Setting a routine for yourself can help you prioritize and delegate the things you need to get done in a day. At the start of this month, I decided I was going to plan out what I wanted to post as a way to stay organized. I printed out these calendar's and made myself a binder full of blog post ideas. This has been so helpful to keep me on a schedule and my posts flowing!

In school I used to organize my agenda like this too and it made it so much easier to get assignments done by their deadlines. I would look at our syllabus for the year and write down when each assignment was due on my calendar so I knew when it had to be submitted by.

The best way to start your day is to make your bed. I never leave my room without my bed made, its my first accomplishment of the day and it makes me feel more put together. Theres actually studies on the mental benefits from making your bed in the morning LOL. I think this is such a great starting point into a good habit routine, plus it makes your room already look 10x as clean!

Journaling is something I just started to get into. Two of my favorite journals right now are the Doing Well Daily x Danielle Carolan and Simply Grateful. I couldn't find the Simply Grateful journal anywhere online (I got it at Francescas) but I did find a similar one on amazon.

I use DWD to plan my day and fill it out in the morning right after I get my coffee. One of my favorite things about this journal is the "affirmations" and "personal growth" prompt. At the front, theres a whole list of affirmations you can use and for me it really helps to set the tone of my day. Two of my favorite affirmations are "I will not worry about what I cannot control" and "I will never give up on my goals and dreams."

One of my friends showed me the app "I am." that sends you daily affirmations. You can set how many times a day and when you want the affirmations to start and stop, its really cool! You can do a 3 day free trial and then pay $19.99 a year to keep up your subscription :)

My favorite thing about the Simply Grateful journal is that it has an "evening reflections" page. I'll usually fill this one out after DWD and then again right before I go to bed. Its such a nice way to revisit your day and really think about how you chose to live today or maybe what you can change to make tomorrow even better.

I've always been a pretty organized person but these little rituals help me stay grounded and give me some insight to how I want to prioritize the day.

xx Madison

P.S. What's a good habit you want to start?

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