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Fruity White Sangria Recipe 🍹

I feel like I pick a new beverage every season and sangria has recently been my new go-to drink this spring.

I have a red sangria recipe linked here from last year, but I'm actually more of a white wine kind of gal; which brings us to this :)

I was at Stony River Steakhouse with my boyfriend a few weekends ago and their white sangria is sooooo good it made me want to make my own!

I like a good bubbly so I added sparkling soda to this recipe inspired by this Downshiftology post.

What You Need

1 Mango

1 Orange

1 Box of Raspberries

Orange Liquor

White Wine

Fresca Original sparkling water

How to Make It

Slice and put into a large pitcher...

1 mango

1/2 an orange (finely sliced)


1/2 cup of raspberries

1/2 cup orange liquor

1/2 cup Fresca

1 bottle of white wine

Chill for 2 hours...

Gently stir before serving

Pour into glasses and enjoy!

When it comes to what type of white wine, I would recommend Moscato for a sweeter taste or Pino Grigio for something more fruity and refreshing. I used Pino!

xx Madison

P.S. Whats your favorite spring drink?

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