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Winter Mimosa Recipe ☃️🍾

I think mimosas are my favorite drink right now and this quick cocktail has my heart. I'm on a mixed drink kick; I think they're so fun to make and majority of the time they're not too difficult. A mimosa is basically any kind of juice topped with sparking wine or champagne--so definitely a good drink to start of your bartending journey :)

This is truly the perfect drink to sip and watch the Bachelor and thats exactly why I chose it as this weeks Sunday post!

What You Need

Pomegranate juice

Cranberry juice

Champagne or sparkling wine

Cranberry garnish

Rosemary sprig garnish

Champagne glass

How to Make It

First, pour 2 oz of pomegranate juice into your glass

Then, pour 1 oz of cranberry juice into your glass


Next, top off with champagne or sparkling wine

Garnish with pomegranate seeds and a sprig of rosemary (if you're feeling fancy)

Love a good stemless glass :)

xx Madison

P.S. Are you watching the Bachelor tomorrow?

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