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Epcot's Blackberry Moonshine Sour Recipe🥃🌛

I am beyond excited to write this post you don't understand. My boyfriend and I went to Disney in November and it was the best vacation I've ever been on--we had a great time!

One of my favorite days was when we did drink around the word at Epcot. I made an entire list of the best drinks in each country (should I do a post on that??) so you know we came prepared.

Surprisingly, my all time fave ended up being the moonshine sour from Regal Eagle in America (I was low-key bummed because it was literally from America and not a cool country lol).

I've looked far and wide for this drink recipe and finally found one on TikTok! So this is how you remake Epcot's blackberry moonshine sour :)

All credits for this recipe go to Bethany Vinton, watch her TikTok here and follow her for the best Disney parks foodie content!

What You Need

Blackberry moonshine

Blackberry simple syrup

Lemons to juice

Finest Call blood orange sour mix (key ingredient!)

Blackberries to garnish

How to Make It

In a shaker filled with ice pour:

2 oz of blackberry moonshine

Splash of blackberry simple syrup

0.5 oz of lemon juice

3 oz Finest Call blood orange sour mix


Pour mixture in a cup over ice

Garnish with blackberries

I'm pretty impressed by myself and how good this turned out. It tastes exactly like the one at Epcot! Also can we take a moment fo how gorgeous she photographs?

xx Madison

P.S. Whats your favorite Disney movie?

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at MadisonSchramm and TikTok at madsandmore for even more!

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1 Comment

Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy
Dec 20, 2023

America not a cool country? Literally your wonderful vacation was in Disney World - IN AMERICA!! Give me a break

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