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How to Make The Best Espresso Martini 🍸

Happy Sunday! I upload a new blog post every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and Sunday's posts are always dedicated to a recipe. So this Sunday I'm giving you my newly famous espresso martini recipe :)

I feel like espresso martini's really became popular again this winter and I'm here for it. I do this thing where I go to a restaurant, order something that tastes amazing and then want to make it myself at home; and thats what happened when I ordered an espresso martini from Stony River Steakhouse.

You can watch my TikTok making this recipe here!

What You'll Need

Original Baileys Irish cream


Vodka of your choice (I use Tito's)

Peppermint vodka (I use Smirnoff)


Something to shake it all up in

Chocolate syrup for the rim

How to Make

First, add ice to your shaker or whatever you're using to shake with.

Next, add 1 oz of Baileys, Kahlua, vodka and equal parts espresso to your shaker.

Then, just a splash of peppermint vodka to top it off.


Now, pour chocolate syrup on a plate and rim your chilled martini glass by gently twirling the edge of your glass in the syrup.

Strain your shaker into your glass and enjoy :)


1 oz of Baileys

1 oz Kahlua

1 oz vodka

1 oz espresso

Splash of peppermint vodka

Chocolate syrup rim

Marlo approved :)

I made these for my family over the holidays and everyone loved it! Also tip: when I say a splash of peppermint I mean a splash, if you add too much it can be a little too sweet. But if you're not a fan of peppermint you could try vanilla vodka or just stick with it plain.

xx Madison

P.S. Do you like peppermint or spearmint better?

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at MadisonSchramm and TikTok at madsandmore for even more!

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