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Easter Baskets for Your BF/GF 🐇🧺

Gift giving is definitely my number one love language. Any excuse to put together a care package, gift or just make banana bread I'm on it--LOL.

So obviously I'm putting together an easter basket for my boyfriend!

Everything is linked below so you can shop right from this post and make sure to check out my Amazon store front here :)

This is everything I'm putting in my boyfriends Easter basket! All his favorite candy and a few small things I know he would love to use but would never think to buy himself--like the Hommeface face wash and some car fresheners.

He did just get a new screen protector but it was cracked up for the longest time. I feel like thats the perfect practical small gift to get someone too!

I love the Reese's eggs y'all LOL. Keeping the same theme though with their favorite candy (but mine would DEF have almond joys) and a few small gifts you think they would like.

Olive Lead and Oud is my all-time favorite Target candle and its on sale right now--btw it's available for shipping only!

xx Madison

P.S. Whats your favorite candy?

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