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College Graduation Inspo👩🏼‍🎓

I just got my stole and dress in the mail today and I'm super stoked to start planning my pictures for graduation! There's nothing like a good Pinterest board to get your creativity flowing so I thought I'd share my grad inspo board with you.

Did I start this my freshman year of college? Yes. I've been editing it over the past four years and have some different poses, dresses and cap designs pinned incase you still need some help deciding. And if you want to get yourself in the picture-taking mood, watch Danielle Carolan's grad pic vlog because its super cute :)

If you don't already follow my Pinterest, check it out! I just started my summer recipe board and will be adding a bunch more fun food ideas as the months roll on by. Congrats to anyone graduating this year!

Instagram: @Madisnsch

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