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Best Snacks for the Bachelorette🌹🍿

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Season 16 of the Bachelorette premieres TONIGHT I’m obviously extremely excited to see the drama—I mean romance. Typically I’d be in my sorority house’s basement cozied up on a couch with my friends, mindlessly snacking on something. Instead, I’m home with my Mom...but I'm not complaining because I have my snacks 😌 Which gets to the point of this post: here are my favorite snacks for a good episode or a whole season, I don't judge.

Fiesta Ranch Dip-- not only is this dip extremely easy to make, but I've never met a single person who doesn't like it. All you need is this Fiesta Ranch packet and a small tub of sour cream. Then dump your powder in the sour cream (use a whole one of these) and mix. That's it. You can use chips, broccoli, carrots, spread it on a burrito, literally anything to dip in. If you go down the chip route I recommend Tostitos Hint of Lime chips, they're so good.

Ben & Jerry’s— solid snack, solid dessert, solid however you want to classify it, Ben & Jerry’s has my heart. My flavor recommendations: Cannoli, Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake (would risk it all for her), Chunky Monkey, Oat of This World and I just realized that I have a Ben & Jerry’s problem.

Peanut Butter filled Pretzels— so you’re not feeling ice cream? That’s okay, both Ben and Jerry forgive you. Before we dive into this, if you’re going to try this snack you have to get the Herrs ones specifically, they’re the epitome of the crunch to creamy ratio. These pretzel nuggets are amazing. I went through a phase where this was my breakfast, lunch and dinner and I wish I was lying. Fun fact about these is I found them at Wawa during a road trip and that’s when I also learned one of my best friends is allergic to peanuts (ily Lauren). 

Trail Mix— hi my name is Madison and I’m addicted to trail mix. The Archer Farms “Monster” & “Handful of Everything” trail mixes are my favorite things in the whole world. The “Monster” trail mix is just your average trail mix with some added butterscotch chips and that, everyone, is what made me into the woman I am today. The “Handful of Everything” mix has an assortment of dried fruits as well as almonds, yogurt covered peanuts, coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips and banana chips. These are just two of their mixes, there's literally so many. (Disclaimer: these trail mixes are only sold in-store at Target so if you don’t have a Target near you...tragic 😰)

HUMMUS— it’s in all capitals for a reason. I randomly got on the hummus hype (newest tiktok house) last year and It’s been a loving relationship ever since. The great thing about hummus is it comes in so many different flavors there’s no way you could ever get bored of it. You can also dip pretty much anything in and have a great time. My personal hummus faves are the Sabra Supremely Spicy and Classic flavors. I like to eat it with carrots or crackers (usually these Triscuits) but the options are endless!

Kettle Corn— I knew you were waiting for it. Not to let everyone in the snacking community down but I’m not a huge popcorn person unless it’s from the movies. I do, however, love a little kettle corn from time to time. I usually go for the Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn (they also have a “Light” version which I don’t recommend) but any brand is just as good!

Hot Cocoa—after all this snacking it’s about time for something to drink and the cold weather puts me in a hot chocolate mood ☕️. I like to top mine off with some whipped cream, mini marshmallows and even add in a little Bailey’s because the night is young and so am I. Not to go back on my word in my last post, but the Starbucks hot chocolate is my all time favorite. They have them in the K-Cup version and powder, I use powder so I can mix it with some warm almond milk for an extra silky flavor!

That’s all I have for you on snacking 😁 I’m sure I’ll be back for seconds (I always am) but I’d love to hear what your go-to snacks are for a late night Netflix sess? Tonight I’m testing out Apple Cider Mimosa’s and I want to say trail mix but the Cannoli Ben & Jerry’s is really First-Impression Rose material right now.

P.S. if you want to watch The Bachelorette I got you covered 😉 see ya at 8!

- Madison H.

YouTube: Madison Hilton

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2020年10月14日 ALL the above snacks AND....suddenly I’m sooooo snungry ...snack hungry!! Can’t wait to watch the Bachelorette-go Claire!!!

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