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5 of My Fall Must-Haves 🍂🕯

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We're in the thick of the fall season and I couldn't be more excited! From the delicious food to the cold weather, how could you not love fall? Here are 5 products I can't go into October without:

1. Pumpkin Vanilla Creme Candle

There's no doubt in the world that the official scent of fall is pumpkin spice. Though I'm not a fan of Starbucks' infamous latte, theres nothing I love more than a good candle to really put me in the fall spirit--and the Pumpkin Vanilla Creme candle from Bath and Body Works does just that! It's packed with aromas of pumpkin, vanilla (duh), fresh ground nutmeg, graham crackers and a delightful concoction of essential oils. Basically, if October had a scent it would be this candle. Bath and Body Works did not disappoint with this years fall collection and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out for even more pumpkin scented goodness.

2. Hazelnut Coffee

Before we begin I need to disclose something...Dunkin > Starbucks...moving on. I know this isn't strictly a fall thing but, ladies and gentlemen, this has changed my life. There's just something about the nutty, rustic flavor of hazelnut mixed with coffee that screams fall to me. As someone who drinks coffee every morning I like to change up the flavors like the season and maybe you'll do the same! I personally use the Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cup with a splash of almond milk and sugar, but if you're looking to spend a little extra the Dunkin brew is my all time favorite...I might be biased.

3. Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw

Is this blanket expensive? To me, yes. Is it worth the money? Hell yes. I've had this blanket for 4 years and its survived coffee spills, guacamole and Bachelor nights in my sorority house. So not only is she cozy, she's loyal. Blankets are essential to the impending cold weather and if you're looking for something thick with good quality, search no further. There are so many different styles and colors on the Pottery Barn website I guarantee you'll find the perfect one to fit your vibe. This would also make a great gift for the holidays or house warming party!

4. Fluff Yeah! Ugg Slides

Just like spooky season, slipper season has started to creep around the corner. I've never been one for a pair of slippers, I'm much more a slides kind of gal, but when I saw these for the first time last year I was obsessed. My boyfriend got them for me for Christmas (take notes) and I got so excited to break them out again this year! They're the perfect balance between shoe and slipper and you can wear them out of the house if you're feeling trendy.

5. A Jean Jacket

The final and probably most crucial thing anyone needs going into fall is a jean jacket. You can find these at pretty much any store that sells clothes at a range of different prices and colors. My favorite jean jacket that I practically live in is actually from Target. Its oversized and fits nicely over any thick shirt or sweater so its perfect for layering up! The other great thing about jean jackets is they can be worn pretty much year round so if you don't have one yet, its a solid fashion investment I highly recommend making.

That's all I have for you on fall today, hope you found something new to try out! What are some of your fall essentials?

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Oct 12, 2020

SB Pumpkin lattes!!!

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