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7 Gift Ideas for Guys that Aren’t Sports and Beer Related 🎁 ☃️

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Today I asked myself: "is it too early to light a Christmas candle?" Which got me thinking about the holidays and gift buying and how buying gifts for men is so extremely difficult. So that made me want to put together a list—for anyone’s budget—of all the gifts I think your boyfriend, husband, fiancé, uncle, dad, brother, grandpa or just boy-friend (see the hyphen, respect the hyphen) would like 🤗

1. Beard Hair Catcher

Shoutout to @straightupskincare on TikTok for this gem of a present. This has got to be my favorite one on the list and that’s why it’s up first. Obviously this gift comes with one requirement: facial hair. But for the girls who live with a guy, you know how nasty it is when they leave their trimmed beard hair in the sink (so I guess this could be a gift for you both). Basically, this is a device you attach to your shirt like a bib and suction cup to your bathroom mirror when shaving. The bib catches all the trimmed hair and the guy can simply remove the bib and shake it out in the trash. You can find it on amazon from $13-19.99 😉 It’s practical, it’s funny and it’s not going to break your bank—the perfect gift if you ask me. 

2. PS5 Accessories 

If you haven’t heard: the PS5 recently came out. As much as I would love to surprise Matt (my boyfriend) with a $500 distraction from texting me back (jokes jokes jokes), he already bought it for himself. But have no fear if you’re in the same boat because the accessories to this baby are endless. I’m talking controllers, controller grip skin, controller protective case, charging station and I’m sure a lot more my amazon search is lacking. Controllers are usually around $69.99 but the other accessories are in the $20-30 price range. 

3. A New Pair of Shoes

Matt goes through shoes like a dog with a chew toy and I have no idea how or why but it’s a thing and I love him. With that being said, there is always an opportunity for some nice new shoes 😁 His favorite brand to wear are Vans; they come in so many different styles and colors no matter how many pairs you have there’s always room for a new one. Also the new Ugg slippers just released and if you think that’s the vibe of the guy you’re shopping for, I highly recommend checking them out (you can find them on amazon too). 

4. Wooden Valet Box

Don’t know what this is? Me neither until 2 seconds ago. This is a much more polished and professional gift which would be perfect for a colleague you really like or a family member. Basically, it’s a fancy space to put all your stuff, kind of like that designated laundry chair in your room but more refined. It comes with a stand to prop your phone on that's also charger friendly, a space to hang watches or bracelets and a bottom part for keys or any miscellaneous goodies. You can get it on Etsy for $39.75 and can even add a personalized engraving (ITS ON SALE TOO, save your coin). 

5. iPhone Accessories

The iPhone 12 just came out this month and I want one SO bad (just sayin, Mom). The next best thing to me is a pair of Airpods or an Airpod case for those of you who already have a pair. You can find the Airpods here and cases that match the new iPhone here. There’s also some cute cases on Etsy that can be personalized or themed with something your guy likes! The Apple Watch or an Apple Watch band would also be a stellar gift to get for the holidays 😌

6. Braun Essential Grooming Kit

Again, requires facial hair, or body hair at least. This kit comes with an electric and regular razor with a wide selection of different heads. It’s high quality, travel friendly and very organized. I don’t have much more to add other than you can find it on amazon for $54.99 and it looks very lux. 

7. LED Toilet Light


So maybe this is a stocking stuffer but I had to include it because my favorite kinds of gifts are ones that are funny but also kind of cool. If he has LED lights in his bedroom, why stop there? Add this motion sensored toilet light to his bathroom and never fall in when he leaves the seat up again. It’s like a disco-bowl, if you will 🚽🕺🏼 Not only is this gift unique, it’s also sold by the small business IllumiBowl created by Matt Alexander #SupportSmallBusinesses❕❕

Hopefully you found some inspiration from my list for your guys or maybe even yourself! Comment below some gift ideas I might’ve missed ☟︎☟︎☟︎

- Madison H.

YouTube: Madison Hilton



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