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2022 Spring Essentials + QOTM

Happy April! I took an unintentional break in March but I'm back with so many new ideas and a whole months worth of posts planned into MAY--exciting right?

Since its also the first post of April, make sure to scroll through the whole post to see our Quote of The Month!

I pulled together my favorite spring things; some are tried and true and others are new additions to the list. Everything will be linked below so you can shop right from this post & def check out my TikTok here for more of my spring faves :)

The April Quote of The Month....

I'm coming up on almost a year post-grad and its been an emotional journey of growth and truly coming into myself. I just started a new job this month, I'm seeing my biggest goals become achievable in the near future and I never stop reaching for whats next.

To everyone else who is striving for what they want to accomplish most, pause and be appreciative for all you have in this moment--you've earned it.

xx Madison

P.S. Whats one of your Spring must-haves?

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