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My Travel Essentials 🧳

I feel like I'm always packing a suitcase but I'm not complaining because I love to travel! As you know from my Long Distance Tips post, I've been dating my boyfriend Matt long distance for 3 years now, so I'm either packing a bag to take up to New York or I'm "jet-set" to Jersey visiting my friends--but this weekend I'm going skiing!

Whenever I pack for a trip I make a list of everything I want to bring and check it off as I go. This helps me with overpacking and also reassures me I didn't forget anything (theres been too many times I forgotten perfume or a phone charger). You could even take it a step further with planning out your outfits for everyday but you don't have to do this lol!

I always travel with a backpack to keep my smaller necessity things in for my drive/flight. Matt got me this Michael Kors backpack for Christmas one year and it's been my designated travel bag ever since :)

I can't find my suitcase online anywhere but this one from Target is so cute! These packing squares have also been the savior of my suitcase. They save so much space and are amazing for the people who need everything to be organized (aka me).

I'm going to be posting a recap of my trip on Tuesday and show all my outfits so don't worry, I did pack clothes too lol.

By the time this post is up I'll be on the way to Deep Creek Lake (you can look out for a DCL recap post next Tuesday)!

xx Madison

P.S. Whats your favorite winter Olympic sport to watch?

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