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My Summer Amazon Essentials🌞🛍

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

My ideal form of self-care is putting on a podcast and aimlessly scrolling through Amazon for things I don't need...but I need. Every item I mention will be linked in the pictures for you to add right to your Amazon cart! You can see even more of my favorite shopping finds on my TikTok, but here I'm gonna show you my absolute favorite things I've gotten from Amazon that I think you should get too.

This foldable bed desk changed my life. I got this a few months ago and it's perfect for working from home/doing school virtually. I'm literally using it as I type this :)

It's super important to stay hydrated and recently, I've been relying on iced coffee. But this encouraging water bottle was just the thing I needed to step up my H2o intake game. I actually found this on Caitlin Covingtons' Amazon finds list so shoutout to her--I'm obsessed!

This black basics tank top dress is great for any occasion where you want to dress it up a little bit while still keeping it casual. I feel like the ruched, adjustable sides are super in-trend right now and I can see why. You can adjust the length of this dress and the material is really comfortable and thick. Perfect for a date night!

Sarongs are really in at the moment so I ordered a black and white one to add to any bathing suit I already have. If you don't know what these are, basically it's a cute skirt cover-up for the beach or pool. I usually just wear a big t-shirt but I'm trying to up my game :)

People deal with things in their own way but my favorite way to work through something--or just to clear my head--is to journal. I've had this Five-Minute Journal for a few months now and it’s absolutely perfect if you have a busy schedule but want to incorporate journaling into your routine. It’s a great starting point and super easy to get into the habit of.

Claw clips! This pack of four was only $8.99 and I know for a fact they sell almost identical ones at Urban Outfitters for like $12 for a single one. Hop on this!

Lastly, this stainless steal wine glass has been the star of the show around my house. It's perfect for the pool, the beach or a boat ride and it's really easy to clean after use. I feel like usually tumbler wine cups don't have a stem and thats the main reason why I snagged this one lol.

Thats all for now! I will 100% have more finds on Amazon and am planning to do an updated version of this list every season or so, just to keep you in the game ;)

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