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The Easiest Appetizer You'll Ever Make 🥑🙌

There’s truly nothing better than a BBQ on someones deck. I never realized how much I really enjoy cookout food until this summer, but every time I go to one I bring my famous corn salsa and it’s always a hit. This is honestly the perfect appetizer for your Fourth of July get-together! I found the basics of this recipe on TikTok but I've added some extra elements that really make it my own. The exact recipe is at the bottom of this post but I've also written out the instructions if you want to fallow along. This is best made while sipping Pinot Grigio but not mandatory--enjoy!

First, add your canned or fresh cut corn to a medium sized bowl (make sure to strain each ingredient under water if you are using it out of a can).

Then add in your black beans, diced tomatoes and stir the salsa together.

Next, peal and dice your avocado and add into the mixture.

Slice and dice your red onion and add it in, stir the salsa again until all ingredients are equally visible.

Finely chop however much cilantro your heart desires--as a tip to get it super thin I usually use kitchen scissors--and add it in.

Lastly, juice a lime on top and salt to taste--stir it up!

Corn Salsa Recipe

1 can corn

1 can black beans

1 can diced tomatoes

1 avocado diced

1/4 red onion diced

cilantro chopped

1 lime juiced

salt to taste

Give it a try and add in any more ingredients if needed!

Check me out 📲

TikTok: Madisonsch

YouTube: Madison Hilton


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