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Beneduce Vineyards 📍Pittstown, New Jersey

I love trying new things and adventuring around to different places; we live in such a beautiful world with so many different things to experience. But, with long-distance traveling becoming harder over the past year, visiting local spots has become one of my favorite things to do. I've learned that sometimes the best destinations are right around the corner. You can check out my last local travel blog here where I found the cutest coaster to ever exist!

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than drinking wine in a vineyard. This was my very first time at a winery—I’m more used to breweries and spiked seltzer—but it was absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to be that cool girl chilling at a vineyard with my friends, taking cute pictures--I don't know, something about drinking wine outside just makes you feel like you've got your life together lol. The weather has finally started to “spring-up” in New Jersey and in honor of the sun setting at 7 p.m., my friends and I decided to take on Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown, New Jersey.

Beneduce was beautiful and set up with a deck area towards the front as well as a patio on the lawn, picnic tables in the grass and even a stage towards the front used for live-music performances throughout the evening.

The actual vineyard part is towards the entrance, it looks bare this time of year but once the warm weather kicks in the vines will be in full bloom and ready for their close up.

The vineyard itself sells a variety of local cheeses and salami (there was also a food truck there when we went) but my friends and I opted to bring a picnic basket full of goodies instead. The bruschetta was a, for sure, star snack contender lol.

Inside of the main building is the winery. They had a few tables set up on the main floor and barrels of freshly made wine aligning the walls and also staged in the middle of the room. Towards the front wall was where they keep their chilled bottles behind a bar. This is where we made our selection of wine and also had the option to purchase merchandise and local meats and cheeses.

Now, the real reason we came, the wine :) We were able to choose from a list of unique wines and even received a souvenir wine glass along with our bottle. I chose the Acqua Pazza sparkling wine which had hints of pomegranate and cranberry, along with a crisp, refreshing fizzle. It was fabulous! We also had their Dry Rosé and Shotgun Red, all delicious and all grown, produced and bottled on-site.

Each bottle was in the $24-$30 price range, so not too bad! It was also $10 a person for the four of us to reserve a table at the vineyard. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by Beneduce Vineyards. I had such an amazing time catching up with my friends and tasting some new wines.

If you know any other vineyards or breweries in the New Jersey area please let me know! I seriously had the best time here and am 100% coming back in the summer time (I already have the outfit planned so thats how you know its real). Comment below your favorite snack to pair with wine, mine is definitely a nice charcuterie board ;)

YouTube: Madison Hilton

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