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📍Ellicott City, Maryland

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday 🌈 💫

If I had to pick a favorite weekday I think it would be today because it’s not Monday and I don’t find myself begging for the weekend just yet. I also get most of my stuff done on Tuesdays--like this blog post--but anyways, let’s get into it! Two of my amazing friends from college, Gabi and Lauren, visited me in Maryland this past weekend and we spent a day perusing the streets of Old Ellicott City. Here’s a run down of my day and a few goodies I bought.

SW Art Designs---First stop was SW Art Designs where I got a stunning handmade coaster for only $12. It’s a combination of light and dark green splotches with gold swirled into the mix covered in resin that was hand poured. I've been looking for a coaster to put on my night stand for ever and this matches the theme of my room perfectly! The artist makes everything from cutting boards to benches (I really had to stop myself from buying another serving tray) that are all absolutely gorgeous and unique! Check out their Facebook for more information and if you’re ever in Ellicott City, Maryland I highly recommend stopping by 🤗

Primitive Beginnings--This shop was my style in every sense of the word and I’m surprised I came out with my bank account still intact! If you know me you know that I love a good jewelry set up (especially when it comes to rings, you can never wear too many). So of course when I saw a set of gold minimalistic rings I had to buy them. For just $10 I got three gold coin rings and five plain gold rings all in a variation of sizes that you can mix and match on every finger. I would've walked out with a lot more if I wasn't saving up for a girls trip to Salem, Massachusetts next weekend (stay tuned for that blog post coming at you next week 😉).

Sweet Elizabeth Jane--The last place I bought from was Sweet Elizabeth Jane. This shop was two stories, the first floor being more accessories or fun knick knacks and the second floor was dedicated to clothes. I ended up buying a pumpkin tea towel for my mom that was $12 and a hand pressed greeting card for my boyfriend that says “you are the best thing since…” and has a picture of sliced bread underneath. 

After all this shopping my friends and I decided to hit up Georgia Grace Cafe for some well deserved brunch. I got the farmhouse omelette with an apple cider mimosa that was just as good as it sounds! It came with applewood smoked ham, sauteed red peppers and onions and cheddar jack cheese as well as a side of roasted potatoes that I could eat for the rest of my life. Gabi got a crostini and iced coffee and Lauren opted for the portobello omelette and regular orange juice mimosa--I’m happy to report we all successfully joined the clean plate club by the time we left. 

That's all I have for you on Ellicott City, definitely tons more to do there than just what I mentioned but I wanted to share what I found along the way! Comment below what your go-to brunch meal is, I’m 100% an omelette or pancakes kind of girl 😌✨

- Madison H.

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Oct 20, 2020

Love this blog! The way you tell stories is amazing!


Oct 20, 2020

Eggs Benedict cheasapeake style, yum! great blog.

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