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Spring Clothing Essentials 🌷✨

It's finally starting to warm up outside and I couldn't be more ready for sunshine, flowers and an excuse to go shopping for more clothes :) Spring is my favorite time of year, I love the pastel's and cheerful colors that make their way into every piece of clothing and accessory. I'm definitely a fan of some pops of pink this season and WILL be rocking that well into summer.

I grouped together my absolute must-haves for spring 2021 and wanted to share them with you for some inspiration. If you keep up with fashion, you know the trends for 2021 are reverting back to the 90s (and I have no issues with that), so straight leg and baggy jeans are here to stay. I've been head over heals for this bright pink DKNY bag, it adds a little extra sparkle to any outfit and it makes me feel like Elle Woods. Also this "shacket" from H&M was only $34.99--in love. I'm staying in the mindset of if I dress for 70 degree weather it will come faster.

Hope you're as excited as I am for spring! Whats your favorite season to dress for?

- Madison H.

YouTube: Madison Hilton


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