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4th of July Outfit Inspo 🇺🇸

Can you believe that 4th of July weekend is almost here...because I can't! I love dressing up for a holiday so I thought I'd share some affordable 4th of July outfit inspiration.

I wore this same T-Shirt in white last year but I cropped it! I also really love how these shorts look--H&M does it again.

An elevated and "I'll wear this more than once on a holiday" fit. I was thinking you could either tie the scarf in your hair or around the handle of your purse.

And if you don't like platform flip flops, get with it.

This is a perfect example of my personal style. I‘d tuck the shirt into the shorts and could go either way with the hat—to wear or not to wear?

The H&M shorts in this outfit are only available in a few sizes: try these if you can’t find your size!

Also found the cutest cross body bag on Amazon!! I change out my purses all the time and Amazon is a great place to buy nice quality but affordable bags.

A few different bathing suit options if you’re pool/lake/ocean-side this holiday.

Aerie bathing suits are 50% off right now!

Give me a cute collard shirt and I’m SET. We’re going coastal granddaughter this summer, for real, this is all I want to embody this season.

The Striped Collard Body Suit from Abercrombie is on sale right now!

^So add it to your cart before I do 👀

xx Madison

P.S. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at MadisonSchramm and TikTok at MadisonVSchramm for even more!


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